Customer Loyalty
Customers Can be Your Advocates

Customer Loyalty Development Process

6 weekly sessions,
2 hours per session

Week 1

- What to expect
- How to get the most out of this

Pre-Workshop Evaluation
- Keeping an Open Mind
- Recall Previous Developments
- How This Process is

Week 2

Beyond Customer Service
- What Does a Customer Really

- What Does Customer Service
Really Mean?

- Your Role in the Company's

- Understanding Human Behavior
- Feeling Good About Yourself

Week 3

The Power of Goal Setting
- Why Set Goals?
- The Benefits
- Be Persistent
- The Art of Satisfying Customers
- Be a Team Player
- Cultivating Customer Loyalty

Week 4

- Be an Effective Communicator
- The Art of Listening
- Going the Extra Mile
- Improving Your Telephone Skills
- Handling Complaints and
Mastering Difficult Situations

Week 5

Customer Service - The Competitive Advantage
- Developing a Positive

- Developing a Positive Company

- Estimating Your Quality of Service
- Becoming an Excellent Service

- Customer Service is for Everyone

Week 6

Post-Workshop Evaluation
- What Have You Learnt?
- What Have You Achieved?
- Can You Sustain the Process?

Program Critique
- Your Feedback

Heads Up for the 3-Month Review
- Can You Sustain the Process?
- What Support You Might Need?