Rising Stars
Essential Leadership for Young People

Rising Stars Development Process

14-Chapter Workbook, typically covered in 9 two-week sessions,
2+ hours per session

Week 1

- What to expect
- How to get the most out of
this Process

Pre-Workshop Evaluation
- Keeping an Open Mind
- Assessment of Prior

- How This Process is Different

Week 2

Chapter 1: Leadership
- Qualities of an Effective Leader
- Leadership Qualities are
Developed, not Inherited

- Where best to Start Yourself!
- Value of Self-Leadership
- Value f Continual Improvement

Chapter 2: S-U-C-C-E-S-S
- Define Your Personal Destiny
- What is Your Self-Dialogue?
- Creating a Positive Dialogue
- Developing a Healthy Self-Image

Week 3

Chapter 3: Glancing Back
- How Present Thoughts and
Actions Are Shaped by Past

- Natural Conditioning
- How Conditioning Affects Your

Chapter 4: Attitude is Everything
- What Attitudes Are
- How Attitudes are Developed
- The Effect of Attitudes on

- Techniques for Attitude

Week 4

Chapter 5: Setting Goals
- Goal Setting is a Process
- Goal Setting Practice
- Whose Goals?
- Take Ownership of Your
Personal Goals

Chapter 6: Achieving Success
- You Are Already Successful
- New Goals = New Behaviour
- Identify Obstacles
- Benefits of Planning
- Writing Down Your goals

Week 5

Chapter 7: Solutions Into Action
- Activity is Planned Also
- What is a 'Self-Concept'
- Compare the Emotions of
Fear and Courage

- Their Effect on Goal Achievement

Chapter 8: Watch the Clock
- Time Management
- Effective Time Management

- Putting them into Practice

Week 6

Chapter 9: How Do You Know Yourself?
- Is the Glass Half Full or
Half Empty?

- How to Confidently Explore
Your Self-Concept

- How to develop a powerful 'Self'.

Chapter 10: Human Needs and Motivation
- What Motivates You.
- What Motivates Those Around

- Goal of a Motivation
- Behaviour can Change while Goal
Remains the Same

Week 7

Chapter 11: Leading Others
- Understanding the Situations
where Leadership can be

- Acting Appropriately

Chapter 12: Do You Hear What I Hear?
- Your Actions as Non-Verbal

- Do Your Words and Actions
Stand Together?

- Being in Integrity
- Methods of Effective

Week 8

Chapter 13: Making Decisions and Solving Problems
- Framing a Problem in Such a Way
that the Solution is Obvious

- Making effective decisions

Chapter 14: Continuing Your Leadership Growth
- Internalize the Process Make
it Yours

- Sustaining the Process

Week 9

Post-Workshop Evaluation
- What Have You Learnt?
- What Have You Achieved?
- Can You Sustain the Process?

Program critique
- Your Feedback

Heads Up for the 3-Month Review
- Can You Sustain the Process?
- What Support You Might Need?