Others' Success is Your Success

Supervision Development Process

11 weekly sessions,
2 hours per session

Week 1

- What to expect
- How to get the most out of
this Process

Pre-Workshop Evaluation
- Keeping an Open Mind
- Assessment of Prior

- How This Process is Different

Week 2

The Successful Supervisor
- Role and Function
- The Supervisor as a Manager
- The Supervisor as a Leader
- Where Do Supervisors Come From?
- What Makes a Supervisor Succeed?

Goal Setting
- Goal Setting is Something You
Already Do (Sometimes)

- What Goals Are
- What Goals Do
- Benefits of Setting Goals
- Guidelines for Setting Goals

Week 3

Your Action Plan
- The Dream Inventory
- Self Evaluation
- Types of Goals
- The Interdependence of Goals
- Rewards
- Obstacles and Barriers
- Solutions and Action Steps
- Target Dates

You and Your "Self"
- A General Understanding
- The Nature of the Dialogue
- Affirmations
- Affirmation Techniques

Week 4

Confidence: The Critical Ingredient
- Developing Confidence
- Limits and Restrictions
- "Fear" Its Uses and Abuses

Leading For Results
- Authority and Power
- Types of Supervisors
- Leader and Follower
- The Future

Week 5

Managing and Controlling the Use of Your Time
- Planning Your Time
- Taking Action on Your
Time Plan

- Controlling the Use of
Your Time

- Defining Some Terms
- Understanding More About Needs
- Motivating Improved Performance
- Creating the Environment

Week 6

- What is Communication?
- The Art of Listening
- The Fine Art of Sending and
Giving Orders

Organizational Communication
- The Supervisor/Subordinate

- Irrational Behavior
- Frustration
- Defense Mechanisms
- Dealing With Grievances

Week 7

Performance Appraisal
- Why?
- Conducting the Performance

- Measuring Standards
- Communicating the Performance

- The Development Cycle: Taking
Corrective Action

- Common Problems ↔ Simple

Discipline: Word and Concept
- Creating and Understanding
- Creating a Proper Climate
- How and When: The Disciplinary

Week 8

Developing Subordinates
- The Importance of Good

- Techniques for Better Training
- Delegation: The Ultimate Training

Decision Making and Problem Solving
- Timing and Decision
- The Principles of Decision Making
- Participative Decisions
- A History of Participative

- Where You Are Now?
- Where Do You Want to Be?

Week 9

Review Goals and Action Plan I
- Advanced Goal Setting
- Managing Change

Week 10

Review Goals and Action Plan II
- Understanding Motivation
- Meeting the goal of all

Post-Workshop Evaluation
- What Have You Learnt?
- What Have You Achieved?
- Can You Sustain the Process?

Program critique
- Your Feedback

Heads Up for the 3-Month Review
- Can You Sustain the Process?
- What Support You Might Need?