Pro-Active Expression of Vision

Management Development Process

10 weekly sessions,
2+ hours per session

Week 1

- What to expect
- How to get the most out of
this Process

Pre-Workshop Evaluation
- Keeping an Open Mind
- Assessment of Prior

- How This Process is Different

Week 2

- The Changing Managerial Role
- Motivation: The Problem and
the Solution

- Organizational Development

The Manager as a Leader
- A Concept of Leadership
- Authority and Power
- Leader and Follower
- Managerial Types

Week 3

Introduction Goal Setting for Success
- Criteria for Personal Goal

- Different Types of Goals
- Short-Range Goals
- Long-Range Goals
- Tangible and Intangible Goals

Your Action Plan
- Rank Order of Values
- The Interdependence of Goals
- Rewards
- Obstacles and Barriers
- Solutions and Action Steps
- Target Dates

Week 4

- Confidence Inhibitors
- Overcoming Fear
- Confidence and Individuality

Work Environment and Motivation
- Human Needs
- Using Motivation at Work
- The Power of Attitude Motivation

Week 5

Transactional Analysis For Managers Part I
- Ego States
- On Developing
- Affirmations

Transactional Analysis For Managers Part II
- Life Positions
- Transactions
- Strokes
- T.A. and Management

Week 6

Decision Making
- Courage and Decision
- Emotions and Decision
- The Principles of Decision

- Timing and Decisions
- Participative Decision Making
- The History of Participative

- Where Are You Now?

Management Communication and Human Relations
- Active Listening
- Non-Verbal Communications

Week 7

Managing Your Time Use
- A Common Time Thief
- Planning the Use of Your Time
- Action Steps
- Making the Most of Your Time

Developing Subordinates Through Goal Setting
- Attitudes
- Principles of Attitude Change
- Subordinate Development System

Week 3

Dealing With Negative Behavior
- Listening with the Third Ear
- Dealing with Grievances
- Creating a Problem-Solving

Managing Through Goal Setting
- What Organizational Goals Are
- Criteria for Setting
Organizational Goals
- Method for Setting
Organizational Goals

Week 9

Review Goals and Action Plan I
- Advanced Goal Setting
- Managing Change

Week 10

Review Goals and Action Plan II
- Understanding Motivation
- Meeting the goal of all

Post-Workshop Evaluation
- What Have You Learnt?
- What Have You Achieved?
- Can You Sustain the Process?

Program Critique
- Your Feedback

Heads Up for the 3-Month Review
- Can You Sustain the Process?
- What Support You Might Need?