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Managing Change

Here's our take on managing change

Most people have the experience of embarking on a weight loss program, a fitness program, a time management program, a you name it and someone has tried it program, only to backslide after about a week.

Becoming competent at the new behaviour is learning.   Recognizing that backsliding has occurred, and dealing with it, is managing change.

The old behaviour has a bigger hold on us than we imagined.

Why is that?

Firstly the reward for the new behaviour drops off due to the 'contrast effect' where the new feeling, initially experienced as a high, becomes less pronounced after repetition.

Secondly our actions have evolved to respond to a number of motivations, of which the new behaviour is but one:

Managing change requires a person to discover the other motivations behind our actions and find ways of meeting those needs to avoid defeating the new behaviour.

That's where we come in.