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Plan for Success with Coaching

Planning for success is planning for achieving more of what we already have or, for stepping out confidently and purposefully into the unknown. The process consists of goal setting, overcoming obstacles and taking action steps, themselves the outcomes of the process of clarification, planning and decision making.

All are intertwined in a manner that makes approaching the maze of positive behaviour change problematic. Where to start, understanding the emotional as well as the logical consequences of new behaviour, respecting the limits of comfort zones and mapping out the "dis-comfort" zones are but a few of the considerations.

Personal coaching is one very effective method of creating new ways of navigating the labyrinth and learning to sustain the new attitudes and habits required to maintain forward momentum.

Establish Positive Behaviour Change

Coaching for Goal Setting: Goal setting is more than the final vision, it is process of drilling down to what is the very next step. Since the new goal is as yet unattained, then next step is often overcoming an obstacle. Obstacles become new intermediate goals, which themselves present obstacles.

Coaching for Overcoming Obstacles: Goals not yet achieved are invariably met with obstacles, some obvious and some not so obvious. Once obstacles are identified they themselves become a new intermediate goal.

Unfortunately obstacles are often habits that require the development of different ones. It might be helpful to bear in mind that what we label 'bad' habits are strategies we once found effective but have long outlived their usefulness.

Coaching for Action:Stepping out in the direction of a new goal and into the unmapped territory outside your comfort zone itself requires planning. New effective action can cause discomfort which requires the careful decoding personal coaching can provide. Otherwise discomfort will default to the signal of feeling bad, won't do it again.

Start The Process

The need for personal coaching is determined in a number of ways:

The initially favoured go-it-alone approach is not getting the desired improved results
The Attribute Index, an ideal place to start, highlights a number of directions for development
Matters of a confidential nature need to be raised

The coach meets with the client and discusses the desired outcomes, The coach trains the client in the process of goal setting, identifying and overcoming obstacles, and effective action with the goal of eventual client self-sufficiency. Sustaining new levels of success without a coach is a desired outcome.


The process of hiring a coach is highly personal. Your decision must be based on trust and commitment. Only when both are established can the relationship begin to move forward in a positive and successful direction. To schedule a complimentary mutual evaluation or for further information, contact us.