The Indigo Group
Shifting Minds and Changing Lives

Our Developmental Processes are:

Developmental processes aim to develop two basic things. Firstly, harmonisation of the vision you have for your own life and the vision that your organisation has developed for its development and growth in its chosen market; and secondly, the ability to sustain new habits of thinking and doing that are reinforced by the process over a period of time.

Executive Leadership

For the top person in an organisation who has executive powers: ideal for beginning entrepreneurs intending to build an organisation, or for a company that is ready to move to the next level, where a new key layer of management is about to be installed, or for a company that has relied on a model of success that no longer applies to current market conditions.


For the person who is charged with leading a department of an organisation towards the realization of an established vision with a cohesive plan for the future success.

Management Development

For managers who manage managers and who want to get the best out of them.


For the producer who is just about to take the first step into management: creating a 'management identity' and renegotiating relationships with colleagues who are producers


For people in sales or about to enter sales. A comprehensive process that takes a fresh look at becoming buying assistants for your customers.

Rising Stars

A process for young people who want to develop pro-active leadership qualities

Time Strategies

Effective use of your time is essential to success: develop new habits for making time for the important areas of development in both your personal and professional lives.

Customer Loyalty

Create advocates for your company by learning how to deal with all kinds of customers in pressure situations.

Our Shorter Processes with Special Focus are:

Our shorter processes have specific focus and are aimed at the senior manangement team or those charged with creating and implementing the vision for the organisation's future.

Strategic Planning

For a startup business or an established business about to break new ground, be it market or product development. A systematic approach to developing the systems required to grow success

Entrepreneurial Leadership
            and StrategicThinking

For the enterprising person with a great idea who needs to develop in several directions at the same time.

Management Awareness
and Customer Loyalty

Deepen your understanding of the benefits of customer loyalty and appreciate the development required on the part of your sales force to achieve this.

Our 4-hour Workshops:

Two basic team building workshops can be segmented into hourly sessions, ideal for lunch hours or expanded to meet the needs of the participants

Team Building

A short but effective workshop applying our process to team building where goals, roles and rules are negotiated so that team members collaborate successfully to realise the team's purpose.

Team Building for Couples

A couple is a team of two: if you have just started a business together, started retirement, found yourselves with 'nothing to do' then applying team building principles can go a long way to creating harmony.

Assessment Tools:


For the organisation: A measure of how the different departments and level in you company are aligned with the goals and vision of the enterprise: gives a clear indication of where attention is best applied and how.

Attribute Index

For the individual: A measure of your talents with unerring accuracy: how you think and how you make decisions, with telling insight into both your strengths and how you may incur a blind spot when making snap decisions under pressure.