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Welcome to the Indigo Group

We are in the business of developing business by developing people.

We help you get clear on what you want, and then assist you in becoming the person you need to be in order to get what you want.

One of our principal beliefs is that whatever you're doing, you acquire maximum benefit for your efforts when you're achieving both short term goals based on current commitments and the long term goal of realising the vision you have for your life, personal or professional.

We provide processes that assist you to develop in key areas of concern in business. Each process combines learning, goal-setting, goal achievement and reflection. You also learn how to develop and maintain positive attitudes, build and consolidate confidence to create improved results on an ongoing basis.

Also, check out the Rising Stars process, specially developed for young people to not only motivate but to achieve and sustain responsibilty for life decisions aimed at present and future leadership and successful contribution to the community.

Overview of our processes  ►

We start with the premise that whatever you want to become, you already are, albeit in large or small ways; you wouldn't dream of becoming a professional athlete if you didn't already have some ability and an appetite for greater things.

They say that knowledge is power but this is only half the story: applied knowledge is real power ... Taking appropriate action applied to what you truly desire is how you turn that knowledge into goal achievement and improved results now and for the rest of your life. Our process leads you to take the next step - a step that is more than apparent - it becomes inevitable. It is often quite easy to take one step, but put several in a row and we start thinking about it. The question is, what is the next step you can take without hesitation? ►

Our Attitude to Success

For most of us, success is achieved in the context of working and developing relationships with others in an organisation; even single entrepreneurs need to develop good working relationships with clients, suppliers, and may even want to forge strategic alliances with other organisations.

Achieving work-life balance has become a widespread buzz-phrase that, without further explanation, loses its focus as more and more people develop their own interpretation.

Our position is that the 8 or so hours you spend at work are as much you doing your life as the periods before and after. If you are not enjoying your time at work but being productive, or you are enjoying yourself while productivity suffers, then our position is that your work-life balance is lopsided to some degree.

Starting with developing a vision for your own life, we will show you how to align your own goals with those of your organisation, and negotiate and manage the transition to a position where you are being both productive for your organization and meeting your personal goals.

Now that's work-life balance.

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Every few months we host a one-day event in the Georgian Bay area to showcase our processes for both business and personal development. Each event is preceded by a teleseminar describing the event and what you might to expect to get out of it.

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